Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

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(EFT) Anna has been one of the most influential teachers I’ve had. I have taken both beginning and Practitioner level EFT training with her, as well as classes in Irish Spirituality, and I am always moved by how Anna gives so generously of her time & knowledge. This coupled with her life-experience is a powerful combination, especially when delivered in her articulate and passionate way. She always gives so openly of her heart and wisdom, both of which are truly vast in expanse. To a ready and willing student, her classes provide abundantly. There is so much to learn from those who are answering the call in their lives. After training with her, I have had great success in EFT sessions, both for myself, and with others! I feel very empowered to continue in this practice, which I will be using for life!- Janet O’Neill

(Reiki) This was one of the best courses i have done, i absolutely loved it and we had the most amazing teacher too. I would highly recommend this course or any that Anna teaches to everyone. Thank you -Lisa McMahon

(Dowsing) This course with Anna was probably the best course I had ever done. Anna is a wonderful teacher who explains everything so well. She makes learning fun. Wish all my teachers in school had been like Anna. I learnt to much from this course. I would highly recommend this course And I look forward to doing another workshop sometime in the not so distant future with Anna. Thank you Anna! -Yvonne Phelan

(Pendulum Power) I am so Delighted I had the opportunity to do the first Pendulum Healing Course with Anna. Anna is a marvelous engaging teacher. She reels you in from the very start and the class time just flies by. Everything was explained in detail and we had detailed notes to refer back to. Questions were answered, examples were given and practice was encouraged. Pendulum Healing is such a calm effective and gentle healing and gives amazing instant results. I, for one am hooked and cant wait for the next course with Anna! -Annemarie Lough

(Pendulum Power) With Anna Pendulum healing course was not what I expected. I thought I knew a fair bit about pendulums… As I began to settle in my seat I shortly noticed I was sitting up right learning about three new pendulums that I never heard of. What I thought I knew wasn’t even half of what was to be learnt and the power they hold. My healing have become more instance and my spirituality has also jumped levels and vibrations. I find that in my readings for family and friends I am now using my pendulum also as a tool. Anna is on a level of her own. See you soon for my advance pendulum healing course. -E Kerrigan

(EFT) Anna really knows her stuff and you can see why she is such a great therapist, she is caring and non-judgmental with her clients and with her students too. I am so happy I did this course with Anna, though there was a lot to get through she puts it in a way that’s easily understood and there’s plenty of time for practice & room for questions. Thank you, I have clients waiting for me already & I can’t wait to get started! -Kathleen Morrish

(Pendulum Power) The course I completed with Anna taught me the difference between dowsing for answers and actually healing using a pendulum. We learned the science behind how pendulum healing actually works and Anna went through a full healing protocol with us. The course was very thorough and I am now using it alongside my reiki and other therapies. I have had amazing results with it and also use it in distance healings. I would recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in dowsing or holistic therapies in general. – Maeve Sherlock

(Pendulum Power) This course is a wonderful resource to have in ones tool kit. It is comprehensive & fun to learn. It provides you with so many charts & the level of expertise of Anna is just brilliant. She explains why & how the Pendulum works. And I have a new understanding of the energy behind the use of pendulum & dowser. The class is relaxed & friendly & great environment to learn & become confidant in using & asking the pendulum questions. Anna helps everyone to learn the right language & answers any questions & each student is always at ease as no question is wrong to ask her. I found this course Power Pendulum Healing & the Advanced Emotional Healing course to be so powerful and I use it in my daily life & practice. Thank you Anna.”
Stephanie Lyons

(Pendulum Power) Anna is an amazing teacher.
I have done several courses with Anna, and each time she exceeds my expectations. Recently I have done both The Pendulum Power Healing and The Advanced Emotional Healing. I just feel so fortunate to have Anna so close. She is very conscientious and knowledgeable and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Thank You so much Anna.
Rose O’Connor

(Reiki 1) I would highly recommend any courses run by Moate Holistic Training Centre- I have just completed The Reiki 1 Course which was extremely well laid out and taught. Anna has so much knowledge and such passion to share it, which made the course exciting and she also provided us with lots of additional materials to use and read in our own time. The course gave me a very good foundation and knowledge on the background to Reiki and how to use it initially as a self-healing tool. Anna also gave us lots of additional information on the use of crystals and the Pendulum and how they can be used along with Reiki treatments. The course was so well taught and run that I have now enrolled for the Crystal Healing & Therapy workshop and also the upcoming EFT online workshop. Very much looking forward to getting starting on Reiki 2 with Anna in September- Maeve Sherlock

(Reiki 2) Anna is a mind full of knowledge and she loves sharing it. I love her teaching technique. At the moment I am doing Reiki 2 and enjoying every minute of it. And the jewllery and crystals are amazing. God Bless all the work Anna does- Rose O’Connor

(Reiki 2) Anna is a great teacher, very thorough on every course I’ve done with her. She is always only a click away if you need her for anything. This is my third course with her and certainly won’t be the last!- Denise Hanrahan

(Crystal Healing) Anna is a really great teacher, she is also a lovely person. I have done Reiki level 1 and continueing Reiki level 2, i done a Crystal Healing level 1 with Anna, and i have learned so much, she has an amazing way to deliver her classes and meditations etc. I would highly recommend her to anyone- Linda Riggs

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