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The first meditators since the dawn of time were the Shamans, whose practices for contemplation and connecting with the divine are echoed in virtually every Spiritual tradition today.

With these gentle guided Shamanic meditations or ‘Journeys’ Anna invites you to return to the source of human Spirituality and re-awaken your soul.

Shamanic meditation or journeying is simple, even for beginners. It is similar to eastern meditation practices as they, too, push towards discovery of and connection with the higher spirit in order heal the mind and body and to gain a better understanding of the self and the world.

The difference between shamanic meditation and eastern meditation philosophies is that shamanic meditation seeks to connect with Spiritual Guides in order to live more fully and openly in physical reality rather than transcend physical reality, as is the general focus with eastern meditation practices. Shamanic meditation does not concentrate on leaving behind the stresses and illnesses of daily life. Instead, it focuses on using a Spiritual connection to heal these worldly concerns.

ALL are welcome, open to all levels!images

Please call 085-9371879 with any questions or queries.

Anna will gently play a drum in the background to help with the meditation process, achieve a trance-state and transport you to your inner planes.

Full introduction will be given before each session including relaxation & calming techniques and space at the end for recording your journey (a vital part of the practice), sharing your experiences (if you wish) and questions or explanations.

Reunite with your higher self & the source of all humanity
Access your own inner wisdom
Reclaim your personal power
Meet & connect with your Personal Guides- power animals, spirits, ancestors, angels, fairies, elementals etc
Promotes healing, deep understanding, relaxation & better focus
Increases creativity & emotional stability
Helps with developing a regular Spiritual practice
Various other journeys on request and as appropriate

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