Reiki Level 1

Reiki level 1

Rimages (8)eiki Level 1– Learn how to heal yourself and others with this fabulous 7 week course or full weekend course


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What to expect

The Reiki Level 1 workshop focuses on self-healing as your learn how to take healing into your own hands. Students become a channel for the Reiki energy and are shown all the hand positions for giving oneself, family and friends a full Reiki Treatment as well as other tools and techniques to help you on your personal journey.

When you learn reiki with me, you will begin using it straight away in a safe environment so your confidence can grow over the course of the seven weeks. You  will also learn plenty of ways to use reiki in your day-to-day life.


Experiencing the attunement/initiation to the Reiki Level 1 is beautiful and exciting as you begin to explore energy, meditation, sense auras & learn about the chakra system.

Doing Reiki Level 1 is a wonderful beginning to your own inner journey as a healer of self & others as you begin to feel the energy and learn to trust your own instinct – it is a wonderful course of exploration, learning and fun.

What you will learn

On this course, you will get a good awareness and understanding of life force energy, holistic health and the mind-body connection, and how to harness and use this energy in everyday life for health and happiness. You will learn simple but amazingly powerful healing techniques for calming and revitalising your mind, body and spirit, for relieving stress and pain, for increasing your well-being and for bringing deeper insight, healing and balance to yourself, your family and friends.

As well as the above you will also learn about the Chakra system, the aura- how to sense & read it & also how pendulum dowsing can be used with Reiki. Solidify your foundation further by nurturing and healing yourself. Learn to integrate Reiki energy into your everyday life. You will receive your first attunement and you will also experience guided visualisations and meditations to deepen your intuition, peace and power.

What we will cover

  • Introduction to Usui Ryoho Reiki, history, how it works & it’s effects
  • Reiki principles
  • Guided meditations & Reiki music
  • Reiki hand-positions & how to conduct a session for self & othersimages
  • Basic anatomy for Reiki
  • In-depth coverage of the Aura & the Chakras
  • Reiki & pendulum dowsing
  • Guided meditations & Reiki music to use during sessions on mp3
  • Animal Reiki explanation & hand positions
  • How to bring Reiki into your every-day life and how Reiki can comfort the dying
  • Protection & grounding techniques
  • Give & receive a full Reiki treatment

What you will receive

Included in this course are comprehensive, high quality manuals & materials, for you to keep and refer back to whenever necessary.

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  • Reiki level 1 manual
  • Chakra manual
  • Aura manual
  • Supplementary materials as necessary
  • Usui Ryoho Reiki level 1 certificate
  • Reiki lineage certificate- traceable back to Dr. Mikao Usuithe founder of Reiki
  • Personal Reiki attunement/initiation
  • In-depth practice & continued support (meeting organised for 3-4 weeks after course finished to discuss any queries or questions that might have come up as well as monthly Reiki share meetings at reduced fee) 

Who is this course for?

For the beginnimages (16)er or advanced energy worker, there are no pre-requisites for Reiki 1, all are welcome! No prior knowledge of energy healing is necessary, as this course contains everything you need to know about healing yourself and others, we will also be looking briefly at other healing systems and their advantages!

How to book

There is an investment of only €180 to receive all the above and start your journey to becoming a fabulous energy healer!

A deposit of €50 in advance is required to secure you place with the remainder payable on the first night** when you will receive all the course materials etc

I look forward to meeting you there & starting this exciting journey together!

**Though the deposit is required to secure a place on this course, I do not wish anyone to be under any financial pressure to pay the remainder on the first night so if you are finding it difficult please talk to me about it (confidentially) & we will come to some arrangement to suit both parties… please don’t worry!!**

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