Online Therapy Service

Online Therapy

Available for EFT  (Emotional Freedom Techniques) Therapy & Counselling.

Online (Skype) therapy is a relatively new concept in Ireland but has already proven extremely effective in many other parts of the word and is fast becoming a valued therapeutic service offered to clients.

Online communication is a very real part of the world today!

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Why choose Video (Skype) EFT Therapy or Counselling?

  • Convenient – therapy in the convenience of your preferred location.
  • Confidential – your discretion is assured.
  • Counselling with a qualified & professional Therapist.
  • Book at short notice – appointments easily arranged.

How effective is online therapy?

Researchers at the University of Cambridge together with the National Institute for Health Research have found that telephone therapy can be just as effective as face-to-face therapy. Research indicates that the use of phone based therapy is effective for a number of less severe mental health based difficulties and problems.

Therapy through Skype is a relatively new way of delivering psychological help, yet there is much research to investigate the efficacy of video-based therapcounselling-pictures-7y. Statistical findings have demonstrated that video methods can produce significant improvements in mental health and well-being. Studies have also shown that online treatment is equal in efficacy compared to face-to-face therapy and that satisfaction among clients has been rated as high.


Benefits of  Online Therapy

  • Individuals can access high quality service in a flexible way at a tiimagesme that suits them
  • Therapy can be accessed whilst in the community – this can be extra beneficial for those with certain symptoms such as anxiety
  • No geographical restraints – individuals can access help from their preferred location
  • No travel & parking issues
  • No time spent travelling
  • International access – ideal for travelers and those working or living abroad
  • Easy access to therapy for disabled people
  • Accessible therapy for those who have transport difficulties

There are many ways in which online/video therapy in particular is similar to face-to-face work. Online therapy still allows for important factors for effective practice, such as images (1)real-time communication, verbal cues, eye contact, therapeutic alliance and observing some body language.


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