Maeve Sherlock

Maeve is a Biokinesiologist she has a background in both BioKinesiology and Systematic Kinesiology. Her BioKinesiology qualification was undertaken with Elma Murphy and Pippa O’Gorman, two of Ireland’s most experienced and well respected BioKinesiologists. Maeve’s qualification focused on Biochemistry, Toxicity-parasites, viruses, bacteria, heavy metal and chemical toxicity, neurotransmitters, hormones and energy production pathways and how these underpin many of todays prevalent illnesses. BioKinesiology seeks to find the root cause of your symptoms and what your body needs to heal. It uses supplements such as vitamins, minerals and herbs to correct or remove any toxicity.

Maeve’s current specialism areas are digestion & skin disorders and having undergone four major surgeries for Ulcerative Colitis when she was a child, she now has a wealth of experience to offer her clients who may be suffering with IBS/ reflux/ inflammation. Maeve appreciates the value of good health and the power of BioKinesiology and how one can manage and treat certain conditions naturally. She also has experience in helping clients adjust to gluten free/dairy free diets when necessary, providing nutritional information to clients after consultation. Along with much success in treating IBS/ IBD, she has had excellent results in treating skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis etc. She has also had many success stories with people suffering with anxiety, depression and migraine. 

Maeve holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education (2:1), having graduated from DCU as a Secondary School Music & Religion Teacher. She has experience teaching disadvantaged children in both Ireland and abroad and she is excited about bringing mindfulness classes for children and teenagers to Oak Tree Holistic Therapies in the future. She worked within Education Recruitment and sales for 10 years, managing two recruitment agencies in Dublin and working with Irish teachers relocating to the UK and UAE. 

Maeve is a certified Reiki Practitioner (levels 1 & 2) and certified Pendulum Healer, and she uses these additional practices in conjunction with her kinesiology sessions when necessary. She also holds the following qualifications: AK cert 16, PGD 17, A&P cert, Ad. Comm. Cert, Pendulum Healing Cert, Crystal Healing Cert, Reiki 1 & 2 Cert.

She is also a registered practitioner for Epigenetics International, New Vistas Healthcare and Pure Bio Ltd and she highly recommends their products.

Maeve Sherlock- BioKinesiology, Reiki, Crystal Therapy & Pendulum Dowsing

Contact Maeve on 086-1077569 / 090-6400184 or email- or see


**Most clients need 3 sessions max**

BioKinesiology Treatment €60 per session (first session 1hr 20 mins) – thereafter 1 hr

Follow up consultation (30 mins) (within 3 weeks) €30, €60 thereafter

Flower Essence (Emotional Healing) session including energy healing- €50

Reiki Energy Healing €50 (1 hr)

Crystal Healing €40 (1 hr)

**For a confidential chat about prices, please do get in touch- we accommodate people who may need a more affordable option**

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