Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymph drainage:
Image result for lymphatic massageMost people are not familiar with how important the Lymphatic system is. It works in conjunction with the circulatory system and its primary function is to pick up all the waste and fluid from the spaces between the cells and clean, filter and detox the body.
If we have a lymphatic system that works well, we will feel healthy and have a strong defence or immunity against illness.
Lymphatic massage can help the lymphatic system to work better. Using very light pressure, the massage therapist can stimulate the lymph within the body, and encourage the system to work better. Our lymph within our bodies does not have a pump; our blood is pumped by the heart, but we need to ensure our lymph is moving well within our body. We do this by exercising and also by lymphatic massage.
Lymphatic massage can benefit just about everyone, but it is not suitable for cancer patients. Patients suffering with cancer require an MLD therapist (Manual Lymph Drainage therapist) rather than a Lymphatic Massage Therapist.
Whether you are feeling a bit sluggish, have mild to moderate swelling, are recovering from a sports injury, or you would just like to kick start your immune system before the Winter season,  get in touch with Emi on 0868757214
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