Laura Mullally

From the world of the physical, to the unseen world of Spirit, all is a woven web of essential, life-giving energy, that is constantly creating the landscape of our lives. When this vital life energy becomes exhausted or restricted, the body, mind & spirit activate natural distress signals to preserve life – distress signals that manifest as pain, discomfort & dis-ease.

Laura Jane intuitively interprets energy flow, identifies areas of disharmony & offers personalized treatments that stimulate the innate & infinite wisdom of the client’s energy field. This promotes the natural ability of the body to heal from within & facilitates the client’s self healing process, leading to improved well being. 

Laura Jane lived in the United States for 17 years & has recently returned home after a career in collegiate athletics. She holds a Bachelorโ€™s degree in Biology, Master Degree in Education, in addition to being a Licensed Acupuncturist, Reiki Master & Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist. Laura Jane benefited directly from alternative healing modalities after a serious mountain bike accident four years ago & that began her journey as a holistic practitioner. 

Laura Jane studied the ancient art of Five Element Acupuncture in a traditional apprentice role, training in Philadelphia, France & London with Gerad Kite, who is recognised internationally as an Acupuncture Master & a fertility expert.

This unique combination of education & life experience allows Laura Jane to offer a compassionate space where health can be co-created. By combining modalities & using highly individualized treatments, Laura Jane can quickly get to the root cause of sickness & dis-ease, supporting the client on their personal journey towards balance & harmony – body, mind & spirit. 

Contact Information 

Phone 087.719.7848



Instagram @laurajane_ireland

Consultation & Price list

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Phone consultation: Free (15 minutes) 

Consultation will cover brief discussion of primary concern(s), what you would like to achieve from the treatments and what to expect from Laura Jane. This consultation is to create assurance and excitement for the journey towards inner balance and harmony. Booking required. 

Initial Consultation: (90 minutes) 

The first treatment is an in depth discussion of health history & primary concerns followed by a full reset & detoxification of the body’s vital life energy, using ancient acupuncture needling techniques. 

Follow Up Treatments: (60 minutes)

Continued discussion, Integrated Energy Therapy & Five Element Acupuncture. This highly individualized, combination treatment is an intuitively guided healing experience facilitating the release of energetic imprints & patterns. With each treatment greater insights are revealed & improved emotional well-being & physical re-balancing experienced as old energetic patterns – conscious & subconscious – are shed.

Starter pack (Initial consultation + 2 follow up treatments) special price.

Student Discount 15% off 

OAP discount 15% off

Referral Program (applies to referrer and referee) 10 Euro off one treatment

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