Introduction to Crystals

downloadLearn everything you wanted to know about crystals & more!

Introduction, theory and background of crystal healing.
What is a crystal & where do they come from?
A look at crystal history & their use throughout the ages
Various types of crystals & their healing traits
How to care for your crystals- cleansing & charging etc
How to empower & amplify healing
Which crystals best suit you & trusting your intuition
Including – Introduction to pendulum use & dowsing practice
The basic Chakra System
Chakra clearing meditation using crystals- ‘Journey to The Heart of Stone’
7 practical ways to start using crystals around your house & in your life today!
Self-healing with crystals

Crystal chakra kits & various crystals & pendulums available on the day also!
Fully certified & insured Crystal Master Healer & Trainer
1 day course, โ‚ฌ80 investment

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