Homeopathic Veterinary

Kris Goodbody is an allopathic and homeopathic veterinary Surgeon who has been using homeopathy to treat animals since the early nineties. To date about 98% of his patients are treated with homeopathy, even the surgical cases since it can facilitate and speed up healing and relieve pain. Kris also uses conventional pain killers as well, when necessary. Kris certainly finds that homeopathy works well for psychological and physical conditions found in veterinary practice on a day to day basis. Although Kris doesn’t see animals at Oak Tree, phone consultations are done to take a comprehensive history of your animal before treatment. If necessary, your pet can be seen at his clinic in Ballycumber, or Kris conducts house calls. 

Allopathic drug companies today make many wonderful pain killers, anaesthetics, antibiotics, anthelminthics etc which all vets rely on, but nothing to compare with the sheer therapeutic variety of the thousands of remedies in the homeopathic material medica which can be used to treat all named and un- named diseases, very often with a good measure of success.

How does Homeopathy work?

The two main precepts of homeopathy are ‘similis similibus curentur’, which can be loosely taken to mean “where there’s a cause there’s a cure”; and also the more dilute a remedy is the more therapeutically powerful and deep acting it is. Homeopathy doesn’t work by having drug levels in the blood stream, rather, the energetic imprint of the remedy causes an artificial disease so similar to the patients disease that it stimulates the immune system to throw off the original disease, and the remedy induced disease soon fades away. This explanation was given by Samuel Hahnemann who developed Homeopathy circa 200 years ago. If this is so the patient will need a functional immune system to get the best out of homeopathy. However this is generally the case unless the patient is on anti immune drugs or is in the terminal stages of a prolonged serious illness . Some homeopaths will happily treat patients on these drugs, and the dying can be helped as well.

If you are interested in having an animal patient treated by homeopathy, Kris’ practice base is in Ballycumber Co. Offaly, but he conducts phone consultations and also home visits if necessary. Kris can be contacted @ 0579336489 or 0872583591, email: krisvetbcumber@eircom.net. Cost of consultation is similar to regular veterinary consultation. 

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