Massage & how it can help anxiety

Massage therapy is a type of complementary and alternative therapy, which is often used to treat muscle pain, injury and stiffness. Here at Oak Tree Holistic Therapies, massage treatment recently has been used for treatments as emotional problems, mental problems, including anxiety, depression and stress. Using relaxation techniques, massage treatment can help to reduce tension, to give a deep relaxation and feeling of calmness. Through massage the body relaxes which can allow the person to let go of anxious feelings. By relieving muscle tension and pain, the circulation and flexibility on that area will improve. This can also help to manage the fight-or-flight response and calm our adrenal glands. 
The fight-or flight reaction causes fearful thoughts, which can lead to uncomfortable physical symptoms, such as: accelerated heart rate, shortness in breath, sweating and sometimes chest pain.
When one gets a massage treatment, all those symptom’s have on opposing effect on the body, because tension is reduced, heart rate slows down and the person will feel calmer. Massage is often viewed as a luxury, but it can be affordable and have huge benefits when done regularly. Our massage therapist Emi Meehan is happy to discuss building an affordable package around your budget. Our health is our wealth and massage therapy has huge benefits for those suffering with stress and anxiety. 
 Mental Benefits of Massage                           
– Lowers tension and helps one feel calm             
– Lowers anxious thoughts                                    
– Helps our Fight-or-flight response                                   
Physical Benefits of Massage
– Lowers heart rate & Blood pressure
– Less tension and muscle pain
– Improvement in flexibility and circulation
Always consult your doctor before getting a massage treatment if on a current treatment plan with your GP. Massage may be beneficial, but will not replace traditional medical care. Massage treatment can be incorporated into your plan. 
For more information on our massage prices available here, click here! 
To chat to Emi about more affordable packages for massage to reduce anxiety, contact us on 0906400184 or call Emi on 0868757214 !
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